An open letter to Dr. Fung from a doctor who adopted fasting and changed his life

By Jason Fung, MD

“It would not be dramatic for me to say your books saved my life and showed me a better way to live. I’m truly grateful for you and your methods.”

Dear Dr. Fung,

My name is Dr. Paul D’Ambrosio. I’m a 57-year-old internist in Concord, Massachusetts. I got married at 35 years old at 307 lbs. (but I would say I carried it well). Two years into my marriage, and before any kids, I became polyureic and checked my blood sugar, it was 300+. I panicked. I saw the nutritionist, joined the gym, lost 60 lbs, and got into terrific shape. My sugars and A1c went to normal and my cholesterol dropped to 120.

Before fasting

Then came kids, a busy work schedule, and some trips around the world to amazing culinary hubs like Hong Kong and Paris. My weight drifted back up to 280 lbs. I buckled down and got to a steady weight of 240-250 lbs.

My diet didn’t improve much, and my weight flattened out, but over the years my sugars went up and I started Metformin and maxed it out. Then, I started Victoza and maxed it out. Then I added Farxiga and maxed it out. Fast forward to two and half years ago when I had a STEMI (heart attack), requiring 4 stents. Luckily, there was no Troponin bump and my myocardium (heart muscle) was preserved. I was on Lisinopril, Plavix, Metoprolol, ASA, and my endocrinologist gave up and ordered Tresiba (insulin).

By the end of last year my weight was still 245 lbs. but my glucose was in the mid-200s. I had resigned myself to an early demise and was frantically putting money away to put two  kids through college and leave my wife with enough to get by. I was becoming defeated. All the while, I was advocating for calories in/calories out (CICO) with my patients. I could barely even look at my Dexcom (continuous-glucose monitor), which was buzzing all the time with over limit (270) readings.

Thankfully, I saw your book, The Diabetes Code and I ordered it.

I read The Diabetes Code twice in one week and was full of emotions. I was embarrassed that here I was a physician, providing poor advice to patients. I was angry I hadn’t thought this through before. I was elated to see a clear path. I’ve read a lot about nutrition and diet trends. I read The Primal Diet and The Primal Diet and have reviewed Keto, Atkins, Nutrisystem, and everything else.

My friend is a weight-loss surgeon and has tried to sell me on gastric bypass. Another friend is in charge of medical weight loss at a local clinic and says they have a diet plan for me. None of these options seemed reasonable or sustainable.

After I gobbled up (pun intended) The Diabetes Code, I read The Complete Guide to FastingThe Obesity Code, and Life in the Fasting Lane. My wife, who’s never weighed more than 120 lbs., looked through the recipes and concepts and worked with me.

I started slowly at first. I only ate between noon and 7 pm. I wasn’t fully versed. And while I only ate between noon and 7, I didn’t stop eating. Between lunch and dinner, I snacked on ‘healthy stuff’. After finishing the four books, I stopped eating between meals. Now, my meals are full and healthy, and I don’t eat at all between meals.

My sugars dropped so much, I gave up the Tresiba entirely and cut the Metformin in half. My blood pressure dropped so much I could cut the Lisinopril from 20 mg to 5 mg and stop taking Metoprolol altogether.

I hit 220 lbs for the first time in 25 years.

People began noticing my progress during the COVID shutdown. I started buying your books and giving them to family and recommending them to friends. My pants, which were size 42, went down to a 40, then 38, then 36, and now 34. It happened so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to wear some of them. My shirts went from XXL to L.

As my fasting practice matured, I started doing weekly fasts anywhere from 36-60 hours. I usually eat either OMAD (one meal a day) or TMAD (two meals a day). My wife has partnered with me to cut my carbs and increase my healthy fats and proteins. I do sometimes treat myself with dessert.

This morning, I stand at 195 lbs. I haven’t been there since college.

After fasting

My A1c is 6.0 and my total Cholesterol is 79 (I am on Atorvastatin by protocol). My urine microalbumin is negligible and my creatinine which went up to 1.5 is down to 1.0.

I don’t take Metformin anymore and have cut my dose of Victoza by a third. I still take Jardiance.

My patients all assume I’m either sick or had gastric bypass. I now take the time to educate them and recommend your website and books.

It would not be dramatic for me to say your books saved my life and showed me a better way to live. I’m truly grateful for you and your methods. I’m happy and proud again. I now have a much better chance of seeing my kids graduate from college. I’m riding a bike again and walking daily. My sleep apnea has almost disappeared, but I’m keeping the CPAP.

I want you and your team to know how much everything you do means to me and by extension, my patients. I would love to meet you if our paths cross at a conference one day.

Thank you, more than you can imagine!


Paul D. D’Ambrosio, M.D.

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By The Fasting Method

For many health reasons, losing weight is important. It can improve your blood sugars, blood pressure and metabolic health, lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. But it’s not easy. That’s where we can help.

Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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