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Weight Loss (Low Carbohydrate Diets)

Low carb diets have often been used throughout history for weight loss. Although sometimes called a fad, low carb diets have actually more science...

Top Autophagy Benefits (Weight Loss)

Autophagy is the natural cellular recycling process that rids our body of old or malfunctional protein. This sets in motion the process of rejuvenation...

How To Lose Weight (Controlling Body Set Weight)

Controlling the body’s ‘fat thermostat’, also called the Body Set Weight (BSW) is the most important factor in how to lose weight. If your body set weight is set at too high a body fat percentage, then any attempt to lose weight will result...

Is Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Possible?

Dr. Jason Fung proves that reversing type 2 diabetes is possible. But even better, reversing diabetes does not require expensive drugs or surgery. In fact, type 2 diabetes, being largely a dietary disease, can be reversed by changing the diet. That puts it within reach of everybody.

Weight Loss (My Best Tip and 3 Hacks)

Weight loss is a very difficult problem we see in our clinic day after day. Dr. Jason Fung reveals his best weight loss tip and three hacks to follow it.