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Metabolic Rate (How to avoid Starvation Mode)

Metabolic rate is how much energy (calories) your body uses in a day for normal function. This is the energy for your brain, heart, liver etc. and does not include exercise. We know that calorie restricted diets lower metabolic rate, and this limits weight loss, and is often called starvation mode. Dr. Jason Fung explains...

Quick Intermittent Fasting Tips (Advanced)

Four more quick intermittent fasting tips to help you lose weight. Dr. Jason Fung covers more tips for changing behaviors, rather than the more basic tips covered previously. First, find a group that will support you and your efforts to use intermittent fasting to quickly lose weight. Second, give your body time to adjust to...

Does Fasting Destroy Your Muscle?

Does intermittent fasting destroy muscle? Many people worry about this, but what does the science say? Celebrities like Terry Crews use intermittent fasting to not only lose weight but also build muscle. Learn why fasting does not burn muscle.

What is the Best Fast Length? (Fasting Basics 3)

Dr. Jason Fung discusses the best fast lengths for you, including 16;8, Time Restricted Eating, 24 hour fasts, One Meal a Day (OMAD), 5:2 diet, extended fasting and more. Shorter fast lengths are best done more often, but longer fasts (extended fasting) are more powerful and may be best for those who can fit it...

Fasting and Growth Hormone

Growth hormone decreases with age Growth hormone maintains lean mass including muscles and bones Injecting artificial growth hormone causes side effects like high blood sugars and enlarged hearts Fasting naturally boosts growth hormone Fasting increases autophagy (breakdown of protein) while stimulating growth resulting in rejuvenation of tissues By Jason Fung, M.D., Co-founder of The Fasting...

What Really Breaks A Fast? (Case Study)

What breaks a fast? Does tea, or coffee or cream or sugar break the fast? How about diet soda?  Dr. Jason Fung discusses what you can take during intermittent fasting and how this affects weight loss. These are called fasting variations, and can still be very effective for weight loss.

Fasting Physiology

The body uses two main fuel sources – glucose (a type of carbohydrate) and triglycerides (fat) Glucose can be stored in the liver as glycogen Fasting allows you to use stored energy in the body fat By Jason Fung, M.D., Co-founder of The Fasting Method Physiology . In order to learn about what happens in...

Fasting – The latest Fad Diet?

There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten – Marie Antoinette. Fasting is not a fad as it has been promoted for thousands of years Virtually every major religion espouses fasting Major historical figures including Hippocrates ‘The Father of Modern Medicine’ and Benjamin Franklin were great proponents of fasting The idea that fasting is...

Top 3 Intermittent Fasting Tips

Dr. Jason Fung gives his top three intermittent fasting tips based on his clinical experience with real patients. Fasting is simple, but not always easy, and these fasting tips may help you stick with it to lose weight.