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Delicious Broccoli Cranberry Salad

Easy-to-make, super healthy salad. Perfect for picnics, parties, and family meals. The cranberries give it an extra tang. A real crowd pleaser! Recipe from allrecipes.com

Keto Indian-Spiced Roasted Cauliflower with Almonds

This flavor-packed cauliflower side dish may just take center stage thanks to fragrant Indian spices, fresh herbs, zesty lemon, and crunchy toasted almonds. Be warned, it’s addictive! Recipe from Keto-Mojo

Paleo Mashed Sweet Potatoes

A naturally sweet side dish that will please everyone, short and tall, around the dinner table, with just 4 ingredients? You got it! Recipe from Paleo Leap

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Brussels Sprouts Gratin are roasted until crisp, then topped with a light cheese sauce made with Gruyere and Parmesan – the perfect Holiday dish! Recipe from skinnytaste.com

Awesome Broccoli-Cheese Casserole

If you have children, or have some coming to visit you as guests this Thanksgiving, I guarantee that they will eat (and enjoy) this veggie dish! Recipe from allrecipes.com

Berries & Cream Smoothie

It’s filled with plenty of colorful plant foods and healthy fats. It makes for a great smoothie in the morning or post-workout. Enjoy! Recipe from Dr. Hyman

Keto Mushroom Omelet

Omelets are always a great meal to make on the keto diet. Omelets are easy to whip up, full of good fats, filling, and taste so great! I love coming back to this recipe for an easy weeknight dinner when that breakfast for dinner craving hits, too! Recipe from ruled.me

Zucchini Ribbons & Avocado Walnut Pesto

Zucchini noodles have been the holy grail of ketogenic pasta dinner solutions for years and thankfully they have continued to get more delicious, not to mention more convenient. Unfortunately, making “zoodles” often takes a fancy zucchini noodle making contraption that you may or may not be able to get your hands on. Solution? Zucchini ribbons!...

Roasted Cajun Cauliflower Steaks

This cauliflower steak recipe is so great because it’s not cauliflower pretending to be rice, pizza crust or even mashed potatoes, but just being a deliciously roasted and seasoned version of itself! Recipe from ruled.me

Lemon Roasted Spicy Broccoli

Not only is there subtle hints of lemon and acidity running through the broccoli, but the saltiness of the cheese and the spice of the chili flakes bring everything together as a whole. The natural sweetness of the broccoli shines in this, balancing everything to perfection and then some. Recipe from ruled.me