Diabetes Success Story I – Mr "S"

By Jason Fung, MD

I received a very nice letter from Mr “S” about his success in conquering type 2 diabetes.  I’ve edited it slightly and reprinted it here with his permission.

My story by “Mr S”

I am a professional in my mid to late 30’s who works in a highly controlled and secure industry at which safety is paramount and who lives in the UK. As part of it, I must attend an annual Medical, with an industry Regulated Medical Examiner.  I led a fairly sedentary lifestyle and I did absolutely no exercise.  I would load myself with added unnatural sugars in the form of fizzy pops, energy drinks/supplements, fast foods, take outs, and lots of alcohol.

I was living this way for years since I was fairly young, and I always passed my medicals with flying colours, though my weight was becoming an issue such that my BMI was in the ‘Overweight zone’ for 7 years prior to diagnosis.  I felt invincible though I knew that I’d have to slow down one day.

On my 2013 annual medical, glucose as present in my urine sample. Glucose shows in your urine when the amount in your blood is above 10mmol/L  (normal 6). After a further blood test, my results showed a random blood glucose well above 10mmol/L but my HbA1c was 10.5% (normal 6%, diabetes >6.5%).  There is no diabetes in my family, this was a bit of a shock to say the least.

I could not work as a result until I got the situation under control. What caused me to spike? What was affecting me? I know now and I’m able to control my sugars naturally without the need to worry. The key  is having the Will Power, the Mental conviction and the Knowledge to make it work.

My doctor prescribed Metformin but I refused to take it. I did not want to rely on medication and become another ‘victim’. I knew that I could beat this naturally and Type 2  Diabetes is not THE life sentence it is currently believed to be. Type 2 Diabetes is linked to choices and lifestyle.  If you can understand it, you can beat it.
Less than 3 months after my annual medical, my fasting blood sugar was 4.5mmol/L and my HbA1c was 6.1% (non-diabetic). My Doctor was astounded at the results saying that it’s impossible to achieve the results that I have without medication in such a short time. Well, I did!!

They are looking for other reasons other than Diabetes for the spike in sugars.  However, high sugars are a sign of metabolic imbalance and something needed to be done. Diabetes is misunderstood to this day. High blood Glucose is a symptom, not a disease.  According to Dr Fung, the problem is too much insulin.

I now realize that my insulin levels were abnormally high because my sugar intake was abnormally high. If I exercised and maintained a healthy weight I would not have experienced this so soon.  The symptom of high blood glucose was a warning to me that I was headed to disastrous consequences by having excess insulin in my body. We are beginning to understand that high levels of insulin  can lead to Heart Problems, Cancer, amongst other diseases.

As soon as I learned the diagnosis, I started to deal with it straight away. I exercised daily for at least 30 minutes. I exercised my legs mostly as most blood is produced by them. I wanted to encourage a fresh set of red blood cells which are produced every 2-3 months. Exercise also encourages better red blood cell response to insulin.

The most important change was my diet. I started eating more fruits such as apples and plums as snacks and ate less frequently. I went hungry sometimes but had water instead. I ate various types of nuts, and lots if them. I’d swapped my bad breakfast habits for healthy rolled jumbo oatmeal cooked in water with ground cinnamon and fresh blueberries. I ate tinned(canned) tuna, olives, and salad leaves for lunch, no bread. I ate salmon/white fish baked in extra virgin olive oil and different herbs and spices accompanied by fresh greens every night.

I did not eat rice, potatoes, pasta, or bread. I stayed away from sweets(candy) and substituted my sugar cravings with fruit fixes and water. I’d cut out Alcohol, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks/supplements completely and only drank water and herbal teas.  I did this continuously for 2-3 months.  I had something to prove as my Doctor thought I would not succeed. I’ve had the last laugh.

Removing artificial sugar from ones diet is difficult but not impossible. My taste buds became more sensitive after a couple of weeks as a result of eating natural foods. Fruits started to taste sweeter than I ever remembered so my sugar cravings were more than satisfied. Nuts, though savoury, had started to taste sweeter to me also. In fact, differing flavours started to emerge from whatever I ate. Artificially Added sugars, preservatives, flavour enhancers,  and salts hide these wonderfully subtle natural flavours that we have forgotten all about.

It was not easy and mentally challenging. I was addicted to sugar and it was very hard to give it up. It put a strain on my marriage as my withdrawal symptoms kept me feeling low, frustrated and angry which took its toll on my loved ones.   After the first few weeks this all started to ease, but I needed to go completely ‘cold turkey’ to make it work and it’s been worth it. Thankfully my family have been supportive as it was not easy on them,  but they have been instrumental in making this happen for me, rather, for us.

Two months into my new regime, I discovered Dr Fung’s website, blogs, and videos. I contacted him straight away and received an instant reply. He very helpfully replied, supporting my actions justifying each of them bearing in mind that I wasn’t a patient of his and he gave me further advice.

My understanding of insulin and it’s effects  are because of Dr Fung. It fed my hunger for knowledge and I’ve done some more research of my own forming many conclusions that I would like to discuss and share at a later point. My initial goal was to eat healthily, to repair my damaged organs,   and to keep sugars at bay at the same time.

I am now full of energy, my family life is great again and I am healthy. I don’t consider myself as Diabetic now. I am faced with  temptation every day, but I can keep a lid on it. There are ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the pleasures in life.

Annoyingly,  The Doctors are still labelling me as a Diabetic, because I had an episode of high blood glucose that has been officially recorded even though my current results are ‘normal’ and healthy.

A label of ‘ Type Two diabetes cured’ would be more suitable and a testament to the hard work and belief put in to make it so.  In 100 years they will look back and see how mistaken we are/were because of the work and dedication of professionals like Dr Fung and the determined few who are collecting results and stories similar to this to prove it otherwise.

I can now enjoy my food, but in ‘moderation’. I was obese and addicted to ‘excessive insulin producing products’.  In contrast,  other people may be more prone to having  an overly sensitive pancreatic response relative to their intake. This also produces excess insulin and combined with a robust immune system,  insulin resistance is created.

As Dr Fung says, a dietary response is required to cure this dietary disease in type 2 diabetes.  Control/reduce your intake, control/reduce your insulin response, control/reduce and cure your diabetes.

From a vain point of view,  I’m getting my six pack back , so I don’t want to lose that as I’m looking good too!

However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to stay healthy for my young family. I want to watch my children grow, and hopefully watch their children grow too.

If you would like to find out more of my case, you are welcome to enquire and I will respond as it’s my duty to share and not to keep this hidden. My contact details will be supplied shortly.

By The Fasting Method

For many health reasons, losing weight is important. It can improve your blood sugars, blood pressure and metabolic health, lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. But it’s not easy. That’s where we can help.

Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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