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By Jason Fung, MD

I don’t need to leave my office desk to connect with colleagues in the UK or IDM clients in Australia.  Technology enables us to connect with individuals from all over the world within a second. Despite it being so helpful, it does have its limitations.

I’ve found the same to be true while working with IDM clients.  I’m able to help educate them online, which has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and eliminate unnecessary medications with the assistance of their doctors.  In some cases, I even help women who have been told their infertile due to PCOS complications have babies with the education given via video chat alone!

Despite this success, I still find having some in person time with my clients to be very beneficial for deepening our connection.  I’ve been fortunate to meet many of my long-distance IDM clients all over the world because I must travel so much these days. I’ve been able to spend hours and even days with many of them in person. While we still have the same conversations we probably would online, we leave our time together always feeling like we have a deeper connection to one another.

I think many of you feel the same way. A lot of my IDM clients, who have met through the IDM Program, have travelled great distances to meet their fellow community members. Over the years I’ve witnessed a strong need for this type of in person connection for years now.

The IDM Program wants to learn from our history to make your healing journey as optimal as possible.  We believe we need to come up with ways to bring you together and form this necessary connection to your fellow fasters.   Therefore, we have decided to develop IDM Fasting Retreats!

Our first retreat will be held in Kona, Hawai’i from April 22nd to April 29th, 2019.  The retreat will be held by IDM Health Educators Terri Lance and Rachel Primo.  Both Dr. Jason Fung and I will be Skyping in to the retreat before, during and after the fast.

Terri Lance has been a friend of mine I’ve met through the low carb and keto community for a very long time.  Her own transformation story always brings me to tears.  Her dedication to helping others with the information she’s learned through her own healing story is incredible.  The IDM Program feels extremely fortunate to have her on our team.

Most people don’t know this, but I don’t know if Jason or I would have been able to have started the IDM Program in the first place without the help of Rachel Primo.  She’s worked with Jason and I for over a decade and was a key member of our program development team since day one.  We were extremely happy when she joined us as a Health Educator in 2016.  I always knew she would be a great Health Educator because she was the person who supported me the most throughout my own personal healing journey.

How long can you expect to fast during this retreat?  The fast is scheduled to go for four to five days.  There will be a couple of fat fasting meals to ensure you will fast successfully.  Also, we will provide a proper break-fast meal to limit any of the negative side effects you may experience while ending a fast.

Each day the IDM Educators will provide you with fasting education and support.  We want you to leave the retreat feeling knowledgeable and prepared to continue your fasting success when you get back home.

There will be a strong emphasis on stress management techniques during the fasting period.  The team has arranged for yoga and meditation experts to come help you learn strategies to cope with the stress from your daily life.  Stress often leads to food cravings, and blood sugar and insulin spikes.  All things we want to learn how to control in order to achieve optimal health.

The team also has many fun activities planned for you as well.  All activities have been planned to accommodate people of all ages and fitness levels.  No one will be left out of any activity!

All fasting fluids, and glucose and ketone monitoring devices will be provided for you to track your progress. Guests will be able to take their glucose and ketone monitor back home with them to track their continued progress.

For more information on this retreat or future retreats, please visit www.IDMprogram.com/retreats or email terri@IDMprogram.com.

Megan Ramos, IDM Program Director

By The Fasting Method

For many health reasons, losing weight is important. It can improve your blood sugars, blood pressure and metabolic health, lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. But it’s not easy. That’s where we can help.

Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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