Fasting Clinic

IDM Houston

Dr. Nadir Ali and his team are now accepting new patients in their Houston, Texas intermittent fasting clinic for in person medical monitoring.  All clinic patients will be enrolled in The Fasting Method Program.


17490 TX-3 a200, Webster, Texas 77598, United States of America

Tel. 281-672-7262 ext. 103


More About Dr. Nadir Ali

Dr. Nadir Ali has worked as a cardiologist in the Houston area since 1993.

He graduated from the Cardiology Fellowship program at Baylor College of Medicine and American Heart Association Bugher Foundation with specialized training in cardiology research and interventional cardiology.

He then served as assistant professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at the Debakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. He is currently the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology and the Board of Trustees of HCA Healthcare, Clear Lake, Texas.

Dr. Ali has focused his energies on interventional cardiology. His approach developed, in large part, because Ali was disenchanted by what mainstream medicine had to offer for management of obesitydiabeteshigh cholesterol and high blood pressure. Instead, he has focused his efforts to ameliorate heart diseasediabetes and obesity through diet and lifestyle interventions in his large clinical practice.