Notes from Hawai’i

By Jason Fung, MD

Coach Terri Lance returns with highlights from the latest IDM retreat.

I couldn’t wait to share what an amazing experience everyone had at IDM’s second fasting retreat in Kailua Kona, Hawai’i this past week! Three women with different health and weight goals came to complete a four day fast in a supportive environment, and they were all so successful.

Our four day fast was bookended by LCHF/keto meals prepared by a chef. The guests and I enjoyed a food demo she did while preparing our last meal before fasting. It was great to learn how easily she prepared such delicious food without taking hours or using complex ingredients!
Because this was a fasting retreat focused on health, we were able to enjoy time to reflect and relax, receive massages, as well as participate in yoga and meditation. It almost seemed difficult to feel any stress about fasting in such a gorgeous setting. I often observed the guests each relaxing in their own way of reading, watching and identifying the local birds, or listening to podcasts while soaking in the view of the ocean waves.

The first day of the fast we all enjoyed relaxing and getting massages, allowing ourselves to get through what can be for many the most challenging portion of an extended fast. The next few days we had some morning activities at the house, but then explored the island, like sightseeing of volcanoes, beaches, sea turtles, and historic sites. Everyone agreed that this was especially helpful on day 2 to be away and active.
The week included a lot of talk about fasting, from video conference calls with Megan Ramos and educational talks, to the many conversations while driving and exploring. Everyone asked questions and clarified details to help them solidify invaluable knowledge for their continued fasting and feasting journeys beyond the retreat.

We broke our fast after 96 hours and were fortunate to celebrate one guest’s birthday with bacon roses!
At one point or another, each guest highlighted one of the most significant benefits of coming to the retreat–to be in a supportive environment to complete the fast with others working on similar goals. I was so impressed by how they all achieved their goals of doing this fast without using “training wheels” that they have used in their fasting at home. And the three of them all saw the power of their “clean” fasting. I got so excited each time they tested their blood glucose and ketones, reporting results they had never achieved before!

Yesterday afternoon I returned the guests to the airport, sad, but so pleased as I reflected on all that we shared! It is difficult to capture here the meaningful growth and confidence I know we all are carrying forward with us from this retreat experience. We are all more knowledgeable and have tangible examples of the amazing benefits we can achieve by focusing on our healthy fasting and feasting.
I am looking forward to getting to welcome the next group of retreat guests to again enjoy a very special experience. I invite you to keep watching future newsletters, social media posts, and the IDM website for announcements. Aloha!


By The Fasting Method

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Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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