Treatments that Cure Type 2 Diabetes – T2D5

By Jason Fung, MD

It surprises some people that there are, indeed treatments that cure Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Bariatric surgery is one such treatment. Fasting protocols have been known for close to 100 years to cure diabetes as well. Very Low Carbohydrate (sometimes also called ketogenic diets) can also sometimes cure T2D.

Consider a recent case that I saw. A 27 year old physiology student was diagnosed with T2D when she showed up for her routine medical check up. Her bloodwork had shown a HgbA1C of 10.4%. That is pretty bad. Normal is less than 6.0% and T2D is diagnosed at 6.5%. So she was well, well within the range of diabetes.

Her physician immediately started her on 3 medications. However, being so young, she didn’t want to take them. So she searched around on the Internet and decided to start a ketogenic diet. Three months later, her A1C was 5.5% even off of all her medications! Her T2D was, in fact, completely cured.
Stories like this abound on the Internet.

You may also have heard of a recent case of a Texan 3 year old with T2D. Yes. A 3 year old. Her diet consisted mostly of candy, sugary drinks and fast food. The toddler was initially placed on metformin, a drug commonly used in adults for T2D. However, with proper diet, she was able to stop her medication and her sugars returned to normal. After 2 years, it might be argued that proper diet ‘cured’ this patients diabetes.

This doesn’t seem too difficult to figure out, really. Refined carbohydrates are well known to be one of the worst offenders for raising blood sugars. They also don’t have any redeeming nutritional qualities. You know, nasty without good qualities. So reducing refined carbohydrates like sugar and flour should, in fact lower blood sugars. If you reduced them a lot, your blood sugars should go down a lot. It is also well known that fats do not raise glucose at all.

So it seems pretty clear from these cases that T2D is not really a chronic and progressive disease as the The American Diabetes Association (ADA) always claim. After all, suppose that your friend comes up to you and says “I was told I had T2D, but I lost 60 pounds. My diabetes has gone away, and I’ve stopped my all my medications” You would probably congratulate your friend on a job well done.

You wouldn’t, for instance, scream at him “The ADA says T2D is a chronic and progressive disease, so you must be a dirty filthy liar. Eat your 50% carbohydrate meal and take your insulin!”

So, it is indeed obvious, to anybody who thinks about this question for more than a few minutes, that T2D is actually a reversible and curable disease. So why all the hyperbole about progression?

Well, there are many treatments for T2D that do NOT lead to a cure. Insulin and other diabetes pills, for example. Have you ever heard anybody say, “I started on insulin (or pills), and that made me all better, so now here I am, off all medications with normal blood sugars. Bless that insulin! I love the extra 10 pounds around the waist, too!” Ummm… No, I can’t remember anybody saying that to me. And remember, I used to put people on these meds all the time. I’ve done it at least 500 times in my prescribing lifetime.

How about the standard 50% carb, low fat diet? I’ve put lots of people on this, too. I don’t really remember anybody getting better on this diet either. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding.

Consider this. The Low Fat diet is the standard diet of the ADA. It is recommended as the first line treatment of T2D in all cases. If it was an effective treatment, do you think the graph would look like this?

You can just imagine the conversation ADA: “Oh, we’ve been telling people to eat low-fat for the last 20 years and in that time we had a raging diabetes epidemic that threatens to overrun our health care system”

Government “Keep up the good work, ADA. That’s a really powerful diabetes diet you got there”

You cannot underestimate the power of ignorance. Consider the recent case of Jennifer Elliott. She is a lovely dietician in Australia with 30 years of experience who advised that patients follow a diet that is lower in carbohydrates. There is lots of studies that support this dietary advice. It also makes sense to reduce grains and sugars since these raise blood sugars alot. Yet. for her trouble, the Dieticians Association of Australia expelled her and prohibited her from practicing. Dissent is certainly not tolerated.

Anywho, we can think about the issue this way. There are treatments for T2D that lead to a cure. There are also treatments for T2D that DON’T lead to a cure. You will never guess, of course, which way our current treatment protocols and research are heading.

Doctors choose to treat patients in a way that guarantees that they will not be cured. They are not even shy about telling you this shit. They come right into your face, look you in the eye and say stuff like “You have T2D. You’ll always have it. You’ll eventually go onto insulin and go blind and onto dialysis. There’s nothing you can do about it.  Get used to it.” Because that’s what they were taught by the ‘experts’ . Because they have the ADA to back them up on these blatant lies.
They are especially dangerous because they are telling people that they shouldn’t even try to get better. They are saying “Give up all hope, now, you mangy dog. Send us your money and take your insulin”. They are trying to instill learned helplessness into the population.

I mean, consider the sheer idiocy of these statements. “Using insulin…is a good thing, not a bad one”. What planet are they living on? Either they think we are crazy, or they are. Who would ever say that going onto insulin is a good thing?

That is like saying that “Oh, the fact that your cancer has spread all over your body is a good thing, not a bad one. – that is just the natural progression of the disease”. You’ll die, but it’s OK because that is the natural progression.

The truth is, which is plainly obvious to anybody with two neurons connected by a spirochete, that if you are taking insulin, your T2D is worse than it has even been before. Which is very, very, very B.A.D. news. Because T2D is the leading cause of blindness, amputations, kidney disease, nerve damage etc.

So let’s juxtapose these two incontrovertible facts together:

Fact #1: Type 2 Diabetes is a fully reversible disease.
Fact #2: Almost all patients under conventional treatments are getting worse.

There are only two possibilities. First, the conventional treatment is good, but patients are not following it. Well, this is easy to prove false. You only have to look at the number of prescriptions for insulin and other medications to know that patients are taking the treatment. So there is only one other possibility – that the conventional treatment does not work. This is the only one that makes sense.

So, why do these doctors lie to us that T2D is chronic and progressive? Well, they are actually lying to themselves. If they face the cold, hard facts, then the only conclusion is that the doctors are giving really bad advice. But this is a psychologically very difficult thing to do – to realize that you totally suck despite years of medical training. It is impossible for them to face the truth. Imagine that you have spent 12 years in medical training and another 20-30 years treating patients only to realize that you have not helped a single patient in your entire career. That your patients could get better, but under your care, were all getting worse.

You would need to face the hard truth that you were not helping people, you were hurting them.

Instead, they must lie to themselves that T2D is actually a chronic and progressive disease. That means the doctor is doing the best the he/she can, but the disease is really bad. This is psychologically much, much easier. So that’s what they do. The doctors lie to themselves, and actually believe that T2D is chronic and progressive. They have to. No, the psychic damage would be terrible. Since the doctors influence the ADA and other associations, they soon put out utterly ridiculous statements on their websites. Anybody foolish enough to speak the truth became as popular as a turd in a punchbowl. (I wonder why nobody at the ADA invites me to speak?)

Saving their egos, these doctors have helped millions to their graves. Instead of raising patients hopes of a cure, they have crushed it beneath the heavy boots of the Diabetes Associations. All because they forgot this one lethally simple fact. Drugs cannot help a dietary disease.

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Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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