UnF*** Yourself -Type 2 diabetes edition

By Jason Fung, MD

There’s a recent bestseller with the wonderfully evocative title ‘UnF*** yourself’, which is quite beautiful in its simplicity and message. That is, we have so many things that we already know that f*** us up, yet we persist in doing them. In Type 2 diabetes (T2D), it’s worthwhile knowing how we mess ourselves up, so that we may avoid it. Unfortunately, in this case, listening to advice from national diabetes associates such as the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) is not likely to help you, and most likely to harm. Let me explain.

Here’s some simple incontrovertible facts on which just about nobody disagrees.

  1. Type 2 diabetics are often overweight and have a high blood glucose
  2. Refined grains (white flour) are among the worst foods in the world for raising blood glucose
  3. Eating sugar causes weight gain, and also raises blood glucose
  4. Neither refined grains nor sugar contains any nutrients of value.

Aha! So, the conclusion seems rather pedantic and logical. If eating flour and sugar raise blood glucose and my glucose is already too high, then I should eat less flour and sugar. Also, seemingly so self-evident that I hesitate to even point it out, if eating flour and sugar makes me gain weight, and I weigh too much already, then I should eat less. Super, super obvious, right? Well, not to the CDA and ADA who have been busy exhorting a generation of type 2 diabetes to eat MORE flour and sugar.

So, I’m in the public library, and I decide to check out what the CDA feels is a perfectly acceptable dessert – oh, yes, Canada’s 150 Best Diabetes Desserts – from the CDA. I randomly look at a recipe – oh, look – Lemon Lime Cookies. Scanning through the ingredients, there are 3 1/2 cups of highly refined white flour and 1 1/4 cups of sugar. This is one of Canada’s 150 Best Diabetes Desserts? Are these people completely and utterly insane? Yes, yes they are. This is the best advice from the Canadian Diabetes Association? Is the CDA trying to prevent diabetes or give us diabetes, because it is not entirely clear to me.

If the CDA is trying to prevent diabetes, then yes, these people must be utterly loco. They’re either stupid or crazy. All that sugar and flour is going to raise blood glucose more than 99% of other foods. Any fool can see that this is bad, not good. How can this possibly qualify as one of the CDAs best desserts?

But what about the American Diabetes Association? So, I pick up a book from the ADA – Ah – here we go – Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy. Let’s see what they tell us about sugar and sweets.

“People with diabetes no longer have to avoid sugar and sweets” WTF? Are these people completely and criminally insane? Yes, yes, they are. Is the ADA trying to prevent type 2 diabetes, or give us diabetes, because it’s not really clear to me. It is pretty obvious to anybody with an IQ above ‘imbecile’ that eating sugar is NOT good for type 2 diabetics. Yet here is the ADA telling everybody who wants to listen that diabetics don’t need to avoid sugar, and have been saying that since 1994! Eat more sugar – it’s good for you! Thanks, ADA!

Let’s see what else the ADA tells us. Oh, right – carbohydrates, which are chemically composed of chains of glucose, are our bodies preferred source of energy and type 2 diabetics should eat about 1/2 of their calories from carbs. Let’s think about this. In T2D, there is too much glucose in the blood, so we should preferentially choose foods that are composed primarily of glucose. OMFG! Are these people completely and certifiably insane? Yes, yes they are. And look here – it is OK to eat up to 25% added sugars in our diet! Holy mother of ….This is exactly what we should NOT be doing, and anybody with more than 2 brain cells connected by a spirochete (a reference to neuro-syphilis) should recognize that eating more sugar and grains will make blood glucose WORSE, not better.

Here’s more delicious recipes from the ADA. Oh, cheesecake, with graham crackers, stevia and sugar. Wow. Just wow. This is acceptable? This is what the ADA recommends? Again, is this to prevent T2D, or give us T2D?

So, if you would really like to unf*** yourself with regards to type 2 diabetes, then the first step is to question very carefully what the CDA and ADA are telling you, because they are not your friends. I wonder why the ADA would give such stupid, stupid advice? Well, let’s take a little looky-lou at their ‘Banting Circle Elite‘ group of friends. Oh, a complete list includes – AstraZenaca, Eli Lilly, Janssen, Merck, Novo-Nordisk and Sanofi. The Canadian Diabetes Association receives lots of money from – Janssen, Abbott, Sanofi, Novo-Nordisk  and AstraZenaca. All drug companies that have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to make the most money possible off the backs of – type 2 diabetics! Lucky for them, not so lucky for you if you choose to f*** yourself by listening to the diabetes associations.

What’s the better solution? As I covered in my book, The Diabetes Code, it’s really very simple. Type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease. We’ve proven that over and over again, but you can prove it to yourself. If a friend is diagnosed with T2D, then proceeds to lose 50 pounds, what do you think happens to that T2D? It pretty much disappears. Tom Watson, deputy leader of Britain’s Labour party figured that out himself, and now is committed to tackling the disease throughout the UK, and indeed the world. But why did he need to figure this out himself, DESPITE the health care professionals, not BECAUSE of the health care professionals. If it is reversible, why do so few people reverse it by listening to the ADA? Oh, right, the ADA is trying to give you diabetes, not prevent it.

Let’s put together some fun, incontrovertible facts.

  1. In type 2 diabetes, blood glucose is too high
  2. If you don’t eat (fasting), blood glucose will fall. Therefore you won’t need medications to lower blood glucose.
  3. If you continue with intermittent fasting, you will lose weight
  4. As you lose weight, type 2 diabetes generally disappears.

So, here’s a solution that is free, available to anybody in the world, that is 100% natural, and saves people time. There is no need for more medications or surgery. Fasting is literally the oldest dietary intervention in the world, having been used for millennia.

Here’s the bottom line to unf*** yourself from type 2 diabetes, which contributes to heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, amputations, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a reversible dietary disease, so you need to use a dietary solution – one that happens to be free, available and simple (although not easy). You can cure this disease with KNOWLEDGE, not drugs, and anybody peddling drugs to you (Canadian Diabetes Association, American Diabetes Association) is not to be trusted. Trust yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge. UnF*** yourself.

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By The Fasting Method

For many health reasons, losing weight is important. It can improve your blood sugars, blood pressure and metabolic health, lowering your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. But it’s not easy. That’s where we can help.

Jason Fung, MD

By Jason Fung, MD

Jason Fung, M.D., is a Toronto-based nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a world leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets.

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